Sunday, January 31, 2010

What I love about winter...

The sun reflecting off of the snow to brighten up any day.

Our neighbors that always plow our driveway for us.

How clear the water is on the bay and how far you can see through it.

Waking up early and then pulling the covers back up because the bed is so warm and cozy.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, coffee with Baileys.

The really great waterproof black boots with flowers that I bought this year. Not a frivolous purchase after all.

The weather forecasters that always get the amount of show/rain/sun wrong, and how we as a population are always surprised.

The thin layer of ice that builds up on our pond and the gentle steps I take to measure the thickness of ice.

Saying “bridges freeze before road surfaces” when they actually could because of the weather. Those signs crack me up in summer.

Snow that clings to tree branches and trunks and the wind blowing it off making you think it is snowing yet again.

Finally understanding anti-lock brakes.

Watching Curt and Claudia’s dogs figure out snow (we were dog sitting at their house the first storm). For what it’s worth, their neighbors also dug us out of the snow.

And, my favorite thing about winter is that we’re now on track to have longer days and that means summer is right around the corner.