Sunday, March 16, 2014

A New Love

It really was love at first sight. As soon as he was in my cart, I knew it was meant to be. Even the cashier could see that we would be happy together.

The miter saw? Yes, he’s still dependable, but I know what he’s all about. There are no more surprises there. The pneumatic nail gun? Frankly, he just makes me nervous. I know he’s great, but I never quite feel comfortable with him or in control. The tile saw? Actually, I still love him, but he is just so one-dimensional.
But this new guy? He is exactly what I had been missing without even knowing that I was missing anything. I find myself looking for new projects to start so that I can get him out of the box.
We started off slow and with a few missteps. But we eventually had a few successful adventures and I was ready to dive in with a big project.
That’s when I was introduced to Ana White and her fantastic building plans. There is no need to get into a detailed recount of the project, because Ana’s plans are just so helpful.
I had a few variations to her plans. I used cheap firring strips rather than nice wood because I’m going to leave it outside so much, but I stained and sealed it with outdoor products. I added lawnmower wheels to my cart because our yard can be pretty uneven and dipped the ends of the legs that will hit the ground in liquid plastic to protect them.
It’s still too cold to use the cart outside (did I mention the top lifts off as a serving tray?), but it really doesn’t matter because I’m already looking for my next adventure with my new obsession—the Kreg Jig.