Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Tale of Two Fans

I don’t like ceiling fans. I understand the benefits of fans, of course. But, aesthetically, they are ugly. And, our house came with the ugliest of the ugly. Eventually, we will replace them and Michael and I will again discuss the merits of light fixtures with and without rotating blades. Until then, we are stuck with fake wood, bronze monstrosities with weird flower-like glass appendages.

As I started making improvements in the kitchen (much more on that later), the fan distracted me in all its [the opposite of] glory.

Enter the hero of this story… oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
My fan went from this… to this. (I didn’t think to take a photo of the before until I had one blade off, oops! Also, I haven’t landed on new glass covers, but this is a work in progress.)

Not bad for a day’s work and a little asphyxiation. Yes, I sprayed the sucker in place in the middle of the kitchen. Imagine Michael’s horror when he walked in to this:

If I took the entire fixture down to paint it, I might as well have replaced it. And, that wasn’t the point. OBR (oil rubbed bronze for those in the know) is my new obsession. Now I walk around the house trying to figure out what to spray next. Maybe those fumes did get to me…