Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Poison is in the Dose

Whoever said that hadn’t met Michael.

Our yard has a “wooded” area. I think real estate agents would call it that, Michael and I just think it’s a big mess. So we decided to clean it up. Clear some brush, tear down some vines, cut down some trees. You know, basic yard work for lumberjacks.

Well, it seems we found some poison oak. More accurately, Michael seemed to have found some poison something – he’s covered. Sorry about the picture (I did make it small). Eeeeewww.

You’ll see our progress on the yard in a future entry, once the itching stops…


  1. Since you are in Maryland, it is most likely poison ivy, not poison oak you ran into. But the rash is a nice one - could make the Skin Rash Hall of Fame at

  2. "Only a dope would touch the hairy rope!".