Sunday, February 04, 2007

The storm of the century…

Well, it was the storm of November 2006 anyway. There were wind warning, the sky was dark at noon, and there was news that it would last throughout the evening. So, Annapolis did what all east coast towns do when storms come through – panic. Schools closed, wind warnings on the bridges, e-mails of our impending doom circulated the office.

When I did make it home -- it was a slow drive but free of disaster -- I quickly surveyed the yard. The water was really high and there were ducks floating in the yard – funny but far from alarming. The coast was clear. Or so I thought.

Michael got home about an hour after I did. He also surveyed the yard, but wasn’t distracted by the ducks (they were long gone). He noticed the bridge over the pond had been blown over and the roof has been torn off the shed. How did I miss both? Oh, the ducks.

Yet again, the house dictated our plans for the weekend. Raising the roof. While we were planning on either sprucing up or tearing down the shed in the spring, we had hoped it would last us through the winter.

Sorry about the delay in posting... I'm getting caught up as I was out of town for quite awhile. Glad to be back and working on the house again.

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  1. Gina Stokes3:51 PM

    Kristen and Michael-

    I finally got a chance to sit and read the whole thing!! When will I see the two fo you on HGTV???

    Some weekend I'll have to send the kids to Grandma's and come down to help you- a little hard labor is always good for the soul!

    I can paint, wall paper, hammer a nail in straight, assemble anything, and follow any set of directions I'm given!

    Keep working! It will be incredible when you are finished!!

    Big Sister!