Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rural Drive-by

Yesterday was unseasonably warm...about 65 and sunny. Michael and I decided to take a casual walk around the block. On our way we passed a very large field. In the summer it’s full of soybeans, but on Monday is was full of geese.

Anyway, we were talking and walking and in our own little world when – bang! Or whatever a shotgun sounds like
it’s just a sound you know when you hear it. We swing around to see a huge shotgun with a boy attached and hundreds of geese in the air. He jumps in a waiting truck and with a squeal (the tires, not the boy), they were on their way.

Seriously, a drive-by shooting in our quiet little town. I wonder if we’ll be featured on Cops.

P.S. If you’re keeping track as I am, this event marks the second gun sighting since we’ve been here.

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