Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocky Raccoon

Came by for dinner and a visit. Technically, I invited him. Rather than take the crab carcasses to the compost (say that five times fast), I wrapped them tightly and left them on the deck so that I could move them in the morning light rather than the creepy night.

We realized we had a visitor when the light with the motion detector stayed on – for quite some time. We investigated and found a furry friend happy on the deck having a crab feast of his own. Seriously adorable (even Michael agreed). The photo makes Rocky look menacing with the glowing eyes, but that was the flash and in no way a comment on his personality.

We don’t have a pet so I considered feeding him a second night in a row. I even had visions of domesticating him. Those thoughts were quickly forgotten as our friends told us about their raccoon, and a not so happy ending.

No revival for this Rocky.

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